Hi there, welcome to Akash & Money!

Hi, I'm Akash Goswami. I made this website to share everything I know about personal finance with others.

As someone who grew up in the UK, money has always felt like a bit of a taboo topic. Living in London made things worst because no matter what I did, it always seemed like I was running out of money.

Over several years, I've managed to come up with a system that allows me to effortlessly save money while still enjoying life in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

By using this website, you'll learn how to make better financial decisions, reduce money admin and how you can achieve your financial goals, through a series of systems and methods for managing money on autopilot and from lessons I've learnt from mistakes I've made myself, so you can avoid making those same mistakes.

About me

I'm a London-based Cybersecurity Specialist at a (not so) little bank called Monzo. Before that, I studied Computer Science at university and have lived most of my life around London.

I like to refer to myself as a financial minimalist and technology advocate. I also love travelling (you'll notice this will be a recurring theme across some of my posts).  

What do I write about?

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:

"How do I save money abroad?"

"Does using a credit card lower my credit score?"

"How do I get started with investing?"

"What is a pension, and do I need one?"

"How can I save money on my bills?"

"What's better; buying or renting?"

"What are tax brackets?"

If you've ever thought about any of the questions above, then you're not alone. This website should answer all of these questions and more. If there's a topic I haven't covered yet, feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do about adding it to the website.

Not financial advice

A small disclaimer - Nothing here on this website should be taken as financial advice. Everything shared is solely for educational and entertainment purposes.

You should always do your own research before making any major financial actions. If you need financial advice, please consider speaking to a professional financial advisor.


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